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  1. 25Gbps-100M-850nm-MM-SFP28-optical transceiver
  2. 25Gbps-100M-850nm-MM-SFP28-optical transceiver

25Gbps-100M-850nm-MM-SFP28-optical transceiver

Description:25Gbps-100M-850nm-MM-SFP28Part NO:FLS25C010SPackage:SFP28Date Rate (bit/s):25GWavelength:850nmReach:100MTOP°C:0℃ ~ 70℃FeaturesCompliant to SFP+ MSAFully RoHS Com

  1. Detailed information
Part NO:FLS25C010S
Date Rate (bit/s):25G
TOP°C:0℃ ~ 70℃


Compliant to SFP+ MSA

Fully RoHS Compliant

All metal housing for superior EMI performance

Operating data rate up to 25.78Gbps

High sensitivity Pin photodiode and TIA

Up to 70m transmission on MMF OM3 and 100m transmission on MMF OM4

LC duplex connector

Hot pluggable 20pin connector

Low power consumption<1.2 W

0℃ to 70℃operating wide temperature range

Single +3.3V±5% power supply

Digital Monitoring SFF-8472 Rev10.2 compliant

The laser based 25Gigabit SFP28 Transceiver is designed to transmit and receive serial optical data over multimode optical fiber with 100m.

They are compliant with SFF-8431,SFF-8432. The transmitter converts serial CML electrical data into serial optical data compliant with the IEEE802.3by standard. The receiver converts serial optical data into serial CML electrical data.Digital diagnostics functions are available via a 2-wire serial interface, as specified in SFF-8472.

25GDescriptionPart NO.PackageDate Rate (bit/s)WavelengthReachTOP (C)
25Gbps-100M-850nm-MM-SFP28FLS25C010SSFP2825G850nm100M0℃ ~ 70℃
25Gbps-10KM-1310nm-SM-SFP28FLS25C110SSFP2825G1310nm10KM0℃ ~ 70℃
25Gbps-10KM-CWDM-SM-SFP28FLS25C112S-CxxSFP2825G1270nm~1330nm10KM0℃ ~ 70℃
25Gbps-10KM-DWDM-SM-SFP28FLS25C241S-DxxSFP2825G1528nm-1563nm10KM0℃ ~ 70℃
25Gb/s-SFP28-850nm-AOCFLS25C011S-LxxSFP2825G850nm0.5m~30m0℃ ~ 70℃

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