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  1. 25Gbps-10KM-DWDM-SM-SFP28-optical transceiver
  2. 25Gbps-10KM-DWDM-SM-SFP28-optical transceiver

25Gbps-10KM-DWDM-SM-SFP28-optical transceiver

Description:25Gbps-10KM-DWDM-SM-SFP28Part NO:FLS25C241S-DxxPackage:SFP28Date Rate (bit/s):25GWavelength:1528nm-1563nmReach:10KMTOP°C:0℃ ~ 70℃FeaturesCompliant to SFP28 MSAFu

  1. Detailed information
Part NO:FLS25C241S-Dxx
Date Rate (bit/s):25G
TOP°C:0℃ ~ 70℃


Compliant to SFP28 MSA

Fully RoHS Compliant

All metal housing for superior EMI performance

Operating data rate up to 25.78Gbps

High sensitivity Pin photodiode and TIA

LC duplex connector

Hot pluggable 20pin connector

Low power consumption<2 W

0℃ to 70℃operating wide temperature range

Single +3.3V±5% power supply

Digital Monitoring SFF-8472 Rev10.2 compliant

The laser based 25Gigabit SFP28 Transceiver is designed to transmit and receive serial optical data over single mode optical fiber with 10Km.

They are compliant with SFF-8431,SFF-8432. The transmitter converts serial CML electrical data into serial optical data. The receiver converts serial optical data into serial CML electrical data.Digital diagnostics functions are available via a 2-wire serial interface, as specified in SFF-8472.

25GDescriptionPart NO.PackageDate Rate (bit/s)WavelengthReachTOP (C)
25Gbps-100M-850nm-MM-SFP28FLS25C010SSFP2825G850nm100M0℃ ~ 70℃
25Gbps-10KM-1310nm-SM-SFP28FLS25C110SSFP2825G1310nm10KM0℃ ~ 70℃
25Gbps-10KM-CWDM-SM-SFP28FLS25C112S-CxxSFP2825G1270nm~1330nm10KM0℃ ~ 70℃
25Gbps-10KM-DWDM-SM-SFP28FLS25C241S-DxxSFP2825G1528nm-1563nm10KM0℃ ~ 70℃
25Gb/s-SFP28-850nm-AOCFLS25C011S-LxxSFP2825G850nm0.5m~30m0℃ ~ 70℃

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